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  • JProPhotoSlides Free
    JProPhotoSlides module allows you to display slideshows of photos or images containing information to your users/customers, with responsive html, on the front-end of the website. It's Joomla! R3ADY!
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  • JProIntroTicker 5,00 €
    JProIntroTicker module, allows you to display your article intros on a responsive and touch sensitive ticker slideshow to your users/customers, linking directly to the article or custom link. It's Joomla!™ R3ADY!
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  • JProPlusContact 10,00 €
    JProPlusContact component is a full feature secure contact form system for Joomla! 3. It's Joomla! R3EADY!JProPlusContact, allows you to render a responsive easy and beautifully professional looking contact form on your Joomla! 3 website.
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  • JProiCaptcha 5,00 €
    JProiCaptcha plugin is a full feature secure Captcha plugin for Joomla! 3 forms. It's Joomla! R3EADY!  JProiCaptcha, allows you to protect your forms from spammers and bots while using Bootstrap framework.
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JProPhotoEditor - New component!!

JProPhotoEditorJProPhotoEditor® is JPro Extensions new J3+ component that will change the way you manage your photos online!

JProPhotoEditor JProPhotoEditor, is a powerful, full featured photo metadata editor, quick photo editor and quick gallery that allows you to work as a professional picture editor but with the ease of JProPhotoEditor system controls.  It's Joomla!™ R3ADY!.

The benefits that you will get from using JProPhotoEditor are just impressive and you'll even be able to use the front-end responsive Quick Gallery that is powered by JProPhotoEditor.

Read more about the innovative and powerful features of JProPhotoEditor, see the screenshots or visit the demo site and download it today. You've never imagined that a photo editor component for Joomla!™ would be capable of doing what JProPhotoEditor does for you and your Joomla!™ 3+ website!!

JProPhotoEditor documentation

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