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JProFeedBack is a full featured feedback and testimonial, professional looking and fully customizable, component for Joomla!™ 3. It's Joomla!™ R3ADY! Your clients and visitors will trully enjoy to send you feedback!

extension name: JProFeedBack
current version: 3.0.4
previous versions: 1.3.0 > 3.0.3
languages: EN-GB
included in package: n/a
demos: demo one | demo two
type: component
release date: January 2013
updated on: January 02, 2014
compatibility: Joomla!™ 3 R3EADY!
min. requirements: Joomla!™ 3+
bootstrap framework
Gantry framework ready
download : JProFeedBack

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What is JProFeedBack

JProFeedBack is a Joomla!™ 3+ R3EADY! component

JProFeedBack is a full featured feedback component that allows you to receive feedback from your clients/visitors in a responsive layout on your Joomla!™ 3 website. The component auto fits even on mobile devices, without loosing any functionality.

JProFeedBack is ready to be used with the unique and proprietary JProiCaptcha captcha system, specifically developed to work on Joomla!™ 3 with twitter Bootstrap framework.  JProFeedBack is packed with almost every options that can be set on your Joomla!™ 3 administrator area and with extra security layers for validation, to allow safe feedback to be sent. JProFeedBack validation system uses both jQuery and PHP to ensure that the feedback is submitted correctly and safely.

Installation, updates and upgrades

How to install the JProFeedBack component

The installation process is the standard Joomla!™ installation procedure and no special requirements are needed to perform a successful component installation. If you have already the JProiCaptcha plugin installed, you may set it as your default captcha and you don't need to perform any other task in the plugin manager. 


Configuring the backend options

One of the powerful features of  JProFeedBack is that it allows you to perform extended configurations, by setting almost all kind of imaginable options on your Joomla!™ components administration area.

There are two main areas where you are able to customize your settings and tailor almost to extreme, your feedback component, including the forms and the views:

Component General configuration  |   Feedback Manager.

It is important that you perform the basic quick setup to render your feedback component, including the sample feedback (by JPro Extensions) that is set just as a guide to help you in your first steps.

Follow the following quick configuration guide and in few minutes you'll have your feedback component ready to receive feedback from your visitors/customers. 

Component General Configuration Guide

JProFeedBack help

This is a Quick guide to the JProFeedBack component, that allows you at any time and in any any of the JProFeedBack component views, to access the global descriptions of all the possible options that are available in each area, including the configuration settings with the default values (where they exist).
Also, don't forget to add a menu to access the JProFeedBack in the front end of your website

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