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JProPlusContact 10,00 €
JProPlusContact component is a full feature secure contact form system for Joomla! 3. It's Joomla! R3EADY!JProPlusContact, allows you to render a responsive easy and beautifully professional looking contact form on your Joomla! 3 website.
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JProPlusContact, from JPro Extensions, is a full featured professional and secure contact from component, for your Joomla!™ 3 website

JProPlusContact allows you to gather in the same contact form, all your company contacts and receive clients and users inquires with a great level of customization. Joomla! 3 R3EADY!

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Options include

JProPlusContact is packed with several options that can be set on your Joomla!™ 3 back-end and with extra security layers for validation, to allow safe contacts to be sent:
  • Use Google™ maps v3 on front-end NEW!;
  • Google™ maps placement on front-end in 4 positions  NEW!;
  • Google™ show user/visitor location option NEW!;
  • Enhanced client side validation NEW!;
  • Layout position flexibility  NEW!;
  • Enhanced administration UX NEW!;
  • Edit and translate country names;
  • Use Cc and Bcc and multiple recipients*;
  • Banned words and banned emails configuration;
  • Html or Text format for each recipient;
  • Attachments for individual contacts;
  • Use Joomla!™ Access Control Levels (ACL);
  • Captchas supported
    • JProiCaptcha 3.0.5 (included in package)
    • reCAPTCHA;
  • Optional fields for each contact defined by you;
  • Email Subjects for each contact defined by you;
  • Subject prefixes for each contact defined by you;
  • Extra fields (ex: address, VAT id, etc.) defined by you;
  • Allows you to define which fields are required.
  • Redirect options;
  • Customizable and multiple pre-defined layout styles and much, much more... !
* Note: not all servers allow the use of cc and bcc. Please read the documentation and check your server settings.

Usage examples

Usage example:
A small company website, that has four main departments - Commercial, Support, Web management, and each department is responsible to answer clients inquiries.
All contacts are in the same web contact form, without the need to jump between contacts to access that specific contact details.
  • Each department will receive its own emails (optionally, receive a copy if included in the Cc or Bcc)
  • Support needs screenshots or photos of the product the user is asking support for - a file upload is available
  • The commercial department needs details about the invoice, product serial number, etc. - you can define the option fields that a contact will need to get information from the client
  • The web management team, needs user name details, or any other information - you can define which fields will be displayed for this contact.
  • Although not listed, the company CEO may want to receive a copy of the emails sent through the website - you can include his email address in the Cc or Bcc fields.
  • Each department has it's own email signature, contact phones or evan street address - you can define it for each contact.
  • The subject for each department (contact) may be different and you can also define it.
In summary, you have in your company contact form, all your departments listed and each one with its own settings. This is specially important when dealing with clients as it allows you to personalize your replies.
JProPlusContact allows you a level of customization that benefits, not only your company contacts effectiveness, but also a special care that you demonstrate when interacting with your clients.


JProPlusContact is Joomla!™ 3 R3EADY. Minimum requirements are:
  • the same for Joomla! 3+ versions
  • a template that meets Joomla!™ bootstrap requirements
Depending on the template used, you may want or need to adjust the JProPlusContact layout and for this you have the stylesheets that allows you to perform this, although not always needed.
Languages in package: English (en-GB)

Demos & Documents

Screenshots: please see on top, click the thumbnails to zoom.

For more information, please read the available documentation.

Demos: you can see a working demo here or on the demo site here.


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