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JProLoadModArticles 2,50 €
JProLoadModArticles is the plugin that allows you to embed modules in your Joomla!™ 3.0+ articles! It's Joomla! R3ADY! JProLoadModArticles content plugin.
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JProLoadModArticles is the plugin that allows you to easily embed modules in your Joomla!™ website articles!

JProLoadModArticles is compatible with Joomla!™ versions 2.5+ and 3+. It's Joomla!™ R3ADY!

The JProLoadModArticles content plugin, is a very useful system tool, especially when you need to add important modules inside your article's content. Joomla! 2.5 Joomla! 3 R3EADY!


Options include

JProLoadModArticles is loaded with the following configurable options:
  • Set the default style for a general use or override it with your own style.
  • Instructions inside the plugin management.

JProLoadModArticles is a one step install plugin, than can be configured in less than 10 seconds!! Just select default style to be used in your articles or use your own override style. Embed the code in your article and it's all!

Usage examples

A simple case study:
Product description with module embedded
You're writing a product description article where you could embed some useful modules like a add-to-cart module and a slideshow module with some images of your product.

  • First activate (publish) JProLoadModArticles plugin and set the options;
  • Copy the code and paste it inside your article, wherever you wish the module to be rendered;
  • Insert the module ID in the code, set the option style parameter;
  • Save your article;
  • Now, your article includes dynamic content loaded from the module..

In summary, your articles become richer, more dynamic and more effective with the inclusion of any available modules you have installed in your Joomla!™ website.



JProLoadModArticles minimum requirements are:
  • the same for Joomla!™ 2.5+ or 3+ versions
Languages in package: English (en-GB)

Demos & Documents

For more information, please read the available documentation for JProLoadModArticles.

Demos: you can see a working demo here, in the documentation (find the Contact form module embedded inside the document).


Screenshots & Videos


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